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Helping families to resolve disputes between parents and children by providing tools for communication, understanding, and resolution.

Intergenerational mediation is facilitating the negotiation of family matters, generally between parents and teens, but also between adult children and their parents. It helps build and restore broken trust and communication between family members. 

Sessions are between one and two hours in length, and typically include pre-mediation preparation and coaching sessions that allow for participants to learn new communication strategies, and implement them with support.  All participants must be willing and interested in meeting to resolve their concerns.  Sessions can occur in any neutral setting including school, home, or community. 


A free 15 to 30 minute consultation is available to determine whether this process would be beneficial to you.

$165 per hour plus GST

Locations outside the City of Vancouver are subject to a travel fee of $80 per hour.

In the case of financial difficulty a sliding scale can be applied. 

Cancelation Policy

One hour session rate will be charged if less than 48 hours notice is given. 

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